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Standing Out on Sale Day

Friday, September 18, 2015

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Sale day can be a stressful and intense time as a seller. This stress can be compounded if you feel like every other seller is holding their sale the same day as your sale. Rather than fretting, choose to stand out from the sea of sellers with these tips.

Before Sale Day
Preparation before sale day is your number one key to a successful sale. You should make your audience aware of when and what you are selling as far in advance as possible.

Marketing your sale heavily prior to your sale day can be done in several ways, but the two most effective ways are social media marketing and personal outreach.

Market your sale online using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let buyers know you have a sale coming up and to promote the set you are offering. Be sure to post high-quality pictures of some of your feature lots on your business page 3-5 days prior to the sale. For more tips on using social media, see our 7 Tips for Promoting Your Sale on Facebook (link to post).

Using your phone can be one of absolute best ways to get the word out about your sale day. Taking time to make a phone call or send a text to previous buyers or even some new buyers can leave a positive impression that you really want to do business with them. Let’s be real – there are a lot of options for buyers and a lot of people who raise good hogs. In the end, this is a people business and buyers choose to work with those who they enjoy and can establish a great relationship.

No matter the medium, think strategically about how you tell others about what you are selling. Buyers want to know what you think of the pigs you’re selling. Just like at your farm, they always want to know what you think. In the sale description, social posts or when you’re on the phone, tell the story behind each pig. Be sure to explain not only phenotypic traits, but also if that pig is out of a sow that has had previous champions or if their mother is a full sib to a well-known boar. It can be a great marketing tool to stand behind and explain the genetic line of your baby pigs.

On Sale Day
The day of your sale should not be a day you do not have easy access to your phone or another scheduled commitment. Free up your schedule where you are available to talk to buyers if they call. Be sure to call them back in a timely fashion if you miss their call or are on the other line. With today’s online market, remember that if you don’t answer your phone or call back, there are plenty of other options out there for buyers, and consumers, in general, are not extremely patient.

Spend the extra time before sale and be available on the day of to really make a great impression on your potential buyers. These seemingly small things can really help you stand out among the masses and can pay off in a big way!

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