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Sale Savvy :: Make the Most of Marketing

Friday, September 1, 2017

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Having a successful sale requires more than simply booking the date. Marketing and promotions are still key to marketing livestock whether they’re selling online or in-person. This week, Kim West of KWest Communications, LLC, tells us how to make the most of your sales marketing.

It goes without saying that we are in the era of social media! Facebook and Twitter are still powerful advertising tools. However, be sure to talk with your kids and younger customers! Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram are very popular with the younger generation and being at the cutting edge will help solidify your business in the future.

Social media is wonderful! However, websites are still valuable tools to reach customers and honor those who have had success with your pigs.  Always available with your latest success and sale dates, your website provides a great reference for potential buyers. The key is to make your site mobile accessible and updated! Include your Facebook and/or Twitter feed on your site – this makes your site more timely, and it allows you to post current news once!

E-mail is still a key way to reach potential and repeat customers. Send your best pigs’ pics directly to customers’ inboxes with sale details and links to your website and Facebook.  This increases traffic not only to your sale site, but also to your online presence as well. Plus, if you’ve built a database of customer emails can target them with your e-mail promotion.

It may seem like an “easy” way to save money in the advertising budget, but buyers still enjoy flipping through the print magazine.  It makes you a part of a “directory” of credible sellers and goes a long way to sustain your brand during the off-season. Take advantage of the print advertisement by using it in multiple ways – post as a graphic on Facebook, SnapChat as a preview to your followers or send it out as an e-blast.

New customers are always great, but pay homage to those customers who purchase your pigs year after year. Email and/or text them with details about your sale and “insider information” about the pigs you feel will best suit their show dates.

This requires a little more effort, but it can pay off with big dividends! Build a database of your buyers’ emails and cell phones. Stay in touch with them and provide tips and information on feed, health and more. Not only will they be more successful with the genetics you’ve sold them, but they will also be more likely to bid in your next sale.

Not every sale will be a success but standing behind your pigs will go a long way to building a reliable reputation. The showpig industry is small and people talk. Let your sales reputation reflect integrity and commitment, and success will follow.

We have all the tools to help you promote your sale including mobile website design, e-mail marketing and social media promotions. We want your sale to succeed, and we will do all we can to help you build your brand and reach potential customers.