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Go HOG Wild for Halloween

Thursday, October 26, 2017


If you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, pig out! The team will help you go “hog wild” this year with this quick DIY disguise.


WHAT YOU NEED: Poster board or sturdy paper, a toilet paper tube, paint, tape or glue, elastic cord, scissors, a head band

  1. Cut the toilet paper tube in half.


  2. Trace the end of the tube on a piece of poster board. Cut slightly outside of your line to make a circle a little bigger than the end of the toilet paper tube.


  3. Tape or glue your poster board circle onto the end of the tube.


  4. Place your head band on the poster board. Sketch an ear shape.

  5. Fold the poster board in half and cut out two identical ears.


  6. Cut slits into the end of the ear shapes. Fold the tabs around the headband and tape in place.


  7. Add any notches to the ears, and then paint the nose and ears to match your favorite breed or show barrow.


  8. Once they’re dry, punch holes into each side of the nose and tie elastic cord onto it to hold it to your face.


  9. ENJOY, and pig out at your Halloween party!

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