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Southwest Type Conference Highlights

Friday, March 9, 2018

#bidbuyshowwin Sales and Shows

Bid. Buy. Show. Win.

Have your purchases found their way to the backdrop? If so, upload your photo to our winner’s submissions page. All winners will be eligible for prize drawings held throughout the year, and they will be featured on our champion’s page.


Speaking of winners, check out these results from the Southwest Type Conference!

Southwest Type Conference | Belton, Texas
March 2, 2018

Champion Berkshire Boar: Luke Lindner
Res. Champion Berkshire Boar: Blaine Hahn
Champion Berkshire Gilt: McKenna Hill
Res. Champion Berkshire Gilt: Conover

Champion Chester Boar: Egnell Bros.
Res. Chester Boar: Norman Bros.
Champion Chester Gilt: Peyton Hill
Res. Champion Chester Gilt: Emma Young

Champion Duroc Boar: Norman Bros.
Res. Champion Duroc Boar: Earl L Cain & Family
Champion Duroc Gilt Ellet Vann
Res. Champion Duroc Gilt: Chuck & Ben Olsen

Champion Hampshire Boar: Joostberns Showpigs
Res. Champion Hampshire Boar: George & Mike Watson
Champion Hampshire Gilt: Egnell Bros.
Res. Champion Hampshire Gilt: Allyson Warick

Champion Landrace Boar: McGrew Showpigs
Champion Landrace Gilt: Brooks Barker
Res. Champion Landrace Gilt: Peyton Hill

Champion Poland Boar: Troy & Evan Banister
Res. Champion Poland Boar: L&C
Champion Poland Gilt: Kevin Yates
Res. Champion Poland Gilt: Ashlea Hunt

Champion Spot Boar: Edwards Family
Res. Champion Spot Boar: Mays & Behrmann
Champion Spot Gilt: Derr & Corbet
Res. Champion Spot Gilt: Hanna Mroski

Champion Yorkshire Boar: Norman Bros.
Res. Champion Yorkshire Boar: Carman Montgomery
Champion Yorkshire Gilt: Shelby Greathouse
Res. Champion Yorkshire Gilt: Hirschfeld & Sons

Champion Crossbred Boar: Blake Edwards
Res. Champion Crossbred Boar: Newcastle Genetics
Champion Crossbred Gilt: Korb Farms, Inc.
Res. Champion Crossbred Gilt: Katie Willenborg

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