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How They Work :: Decker Family Showpigs

Friday, March 30, 2018

Breeder Central

Describe your operation. (size, scope, breeds)
We’re a small, 25-sow operation, raising crossbreds, Berkshires and Durocs.

What is your goal at Decker Family Showpigs when raising showpigs?
We try to make highly competitive showpigs, at the state and national level.

What makes your operation unique?
The amount of winners we have been able to produce with such few sows.

Is it more rewarding to raise a champion or an influential sire or dam? 
Winning shows is what makes us tick, but making great females that breed-on is our passion.

How do you know when you’ve raised “the one?”
When my wife picks it out and gives it a name, at less than a week old

Describe your most rewarding moment in the industry. 
Winning Indiana State Fair in 2015!! It was the first in a continuing string of high-level winners that we have produced since!

One word that best describes how you work: 

What is your most important gadget or electronic device? Why?
iPhone – to communicate with bidders/buyer, to send videos, etc.

What websites, apps or tools can’t you live without? Why?, The Pig Planet, Facebook and Instagram

What do you listen to while you work? 
Cross Canadian Ragweed Pandora station

What is the secret to your success? (or at least one you would share)
Great females, my wife included

What is your favorite and least-favorite chore? 
Favorite – Farrowing house management; Least Favorite -Pressuring washing the chip barn

How long does it take you to picture, sort and write a description for ONLY one pig in an online sale? 
My wife does an amazing job of working with the pigs prior to picture day. We typically picture a pig in 5 minutes or less.

Describe your ideal customer.
A family that takes showing at a competitive level, as seriously as we take making highly-competitive showpigs.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
You gotta start with good ones. They gotta be sound. If you take care of your girls, they’ll take care of you!

Fill in the blank: I’d love to see ____________________ answer these same questions.
Nathan Day