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Meet the Team: Kevin Wendt

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


We may be partial, but we think the team is one of the best in the country. With that said it’s high time we introduce ourselves, for those of you who haven’t met us. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to introduce our team members one-by-one, so you can learn more about those behind the brand. We hope that you enjoy these glimpses of the folks running auctions, answering phones and sending you emails. Remember, if you want to learn more about the staff member helping you, you can always visit the Meet the Team page at:

Today, we’re highlighting Kevin Wendt, President, CEO, and Owner

I’ve been with since: 1999

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

What do you do (or how would you describe your job): I am an Auctioneer. (I talk really fast.)

 Favorite part about my job: The people involved in the showpig industry across the country and helping them build their businesses.

 My co-workers describe me as: Visionary, Generous, Ambitious, Driven, Entrepreneur, Enterprising, Sincere, Genius, Influential, Leader, Innovative

What do you listen to while you work: Sports Radio, Talk Shows or Alternative Rock

What is your favorite new feature on the new website: The look and size of the banner ads and advertising rotations

Outside of work I enjoy: Ohio State football, Columbus Blue Jackets hockey, Cleveland Indians baseball, Cleveland Browns football, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball, and boating.

What is your favorite show: Tie between The Ohio State Fair and Indiana State Fair

What is your favorite breed: Tie between Hampshires and Durocs

What would you be lost without: My wife and kids

What is your favorite quote: “You win with people.” – Wayne Woodrow Hayes, Legendary Ohio State Football Coach

Who has had the biggest impact on your life: My first Vo-Ag and FFA Instructor Gary Bauer

If you could have supper with anyone (living or passed) who would it be and why: FDR President Franklin D. Roosevelt – I would have a ton of questions about how he was so successful and how he had the foresight to start so many programs that have made the USA so strong for so long.

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