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Beyond the Sale :: Customer Service

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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Customer Service Beyond the Sale

Your sale is complete, pigs have been delivered, and now you can relax for a few days, close the book on this sale and focus on your next set. Well…not exactly. Continuing a relationship with your buyers beyond the sale gives you the opportunity to develop strong relationships that can create customers coming back year after year.

Nick Berry of Lettow Showpigs, believes following up with buyers is not only a good way to provide extended customer service for your online sale, but is a good general business practice for any pigs you sell.  Even a five-minute phone call can build your business substantially as well as help keep an eye on the pigs you’ve invested time and money in producing.

He feels that following up by phone has been the most effective for his business.  He keeps the calls short and simply wants to check that things are going well with the pig. He likes to know how the pig is progressing and if the feeding plans are in line with the goals the feeder has for the animal.

“As a breeder, sharing any experience and knowledge you have with a buyer is great,” Berry said. “Especially, tips about feeding pigs with similar genotypes to the ones they purchased.”

Following up with buyers shouldn’t be a one-time event. Call your buyers once the pig gets home, and then continue to follow up every couple of weeks. With every phone call, you are strengthening that relationship.

“It shows your commitment to making sure their investment was a good one. If they are happy with their investment, they will come back again.”

Berry has seen the benefits of following up firsthand with the continued trust and repeat business of his buyers. Following up shows your willingness to do more than sell them a pig. It generates trust and respect for your business and your brand.