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Tipster Tuesday :: The Exposition Prep

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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The Exposition Prep :: The Caldwell Family

With “The Exposition” being under a month away, everyone is in full prep mode. The Caldwell Family is undoubtedly known for not only showing many World Pork Expo champions over the years, but being highly competitive every year as a family. For this episode of Tipster Tuesday, we asked Maddie, Todd and Kim to put together some helpful tips for prepping hogs and prepping yourself and family for a week in Des Moines. Take a look!

Tip 1

Walk, walk, then walk your pigs some more. The show-ring at expo is unlike any other – it is vital to make sure they are prepared to walk an adequate amount of time. Work hard on building endurance, it’s a big ring and they will wear out quickly.

Tip 2

If you think you have enough safety pins, buy more.

Tip 3

Practice letting your pigs get accustomed to drinking out of a bucket before a show. It will save you time and keep your pigs hydrated.

Tip 4

Plan lunches ahead of time. Although this year’s “expo” might be different in terms of eating options within the fairgrounds, one thing is for sure – the options usually are fairly pricey. Crockpot lunches and sandwiches can save a lot of money during the week.

Tip 5

Work hard, but more importantly have fun. It’s the best industry to raise a kid in. Whether you win your breed or are 5th in class, it’s important to soak up all the opportunities you have, there’s a lot of people out there who would love to be in your shoes!

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