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Marketing Series :: The Importance of a Website

Friday, August 30, 2019

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Is it still important to have a website?

In today’s day and age, with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram serving as incredible marketing tools, many of us can have second thoughts about creating a website. With the time, work and cost a website can entail, some of you maybe asking the question, is having a website really necessary? The answer is YES! Below are some of the main reasons you should launch a website for your business, and some helpful tips to consider when considering to build your site!

Why are websites still relevant?

So you have a Facebook, maybe even an Instagram page for your business, and surely that is enough right? Wrong. Websites are still a vital component to a successful brand. First and foremost, when someone goes to look up your business in a google search, having a Search Engine Optimized website will put your site and name first in the face of said searcher. You are definitely not guaranteed to come up first in any search with just a Facebook page. In addition to this, your website is something that can be accessed by almost every demographic, providing key information and your story, to potential customers. Not every customer or potential buyer will have a social media account, despite how shocking that may sound to most. Having a website allows you to tap into a multifaceted marketing approach, hitting everyone that may end up as a future customer.

A website also builds your credibility as a reputable business in the industry. Because of your website, people will get to know you, your brand and your genetics, all from your website! Social media is a great tool, but with the Facebook and Instagram algorithms put in place, you are not always guaranteed to have your content viewed by your followers. Say a potential buyer wants to look at your winners? On Facebook, they may have to search through weeks upon weeks of posts to actually find them. If you have a website, they can simply click the winners button and everything is there, at the click of a button!

What makes a relevant website?

When building your website, you need to determine what your end goal is. Do you want people to know more information about your operation? Do you want to provide information about boars and foundation females? Are you selling something? Do you need an online store? Being able to answer these questions will give you a head start on where to go with your site. Once you can answer these, developing your website to make people take “action” is the next step in creating a relevant site. Determine the main goals with your site and decide what you want people to do once they visit your site.


Your home page is what draws the website visitor in. Having a photo, graphic or intriguing content at the very top is imperative to drawing your customer in. Below are examples of home pages that are successful in drawing in an audience.

In addition to having drawing content, these pages create a call to action. Whether that maybe looking at potential sires, clicking on future sales, or advertising champions, every page has content that suggests the visitor take action by looking further into the website.

Use your website to tell people who you are.

Even more than Facebook or any social media platform, a website allows you to dedicate a whole page to telling people who you are, how you got started and what your operation is all about. You can use a website to evoke emotions in your clientele, giving them an insight into what your operation stands for. When people can create an emotional connection and bond with a brand, they are more likely to not only become a customer, but long term customer at that! Below is an example of providing a story for your customer base to tie to. To read the whole story, visit EDS Showpigs website!


When talking to your website designer, make sure that your website will 1, Be Mobile Friendly and 2, Drive back to Social Media. In this new era, more than likely people will be searching for you off a cell phone so you need to be sure that your website is compatible with mobile technology. If you do have social media pages, social media icons should be included in your web page, allowing people to access Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform, straight from the website.

Social media is great, but it is not a substitute for a good website! In order to advertise yourself as a credible business and truly explain your brand and story to people, having a website is a must! It will allow you to build your brand and create your own narrative, archive winners and genetic lines going back multiple generations, in addition to being one central place to update customers on sale dates and important operation information!

Like some of the example websites above? Let help you create your brand and build your website! Contact the team and let us help you get started!

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