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Online Advertising :: Email Blasts, Banner Ads

Friday, September 6, 2019

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Did you know that almost 85% of the United State’s population accesses the Internet every single day? Plain and simple, we live in a digital era where everything can be accessed through a click or a swipe of your finger. This includes email and web searches. Don’t think email blasts, banner ads and website advertisement is important? IT IS!

Email Blasts

After creating your website, what is the next logical step? Most people would think creating a Facebook page, but there are some areas of untapped marketing that the majority of breeders tend to overlook; Email marketing being one of them! E-blasts are a great way to advertise and engage with your customers, especially if you have an upcoming online sale or live event, new product or service, or just want to educate potential customers about your brand and what you have to offer. Now we understand that creating an email blast yourself can be challenging, but that is where we come in! The number of email subscribers is BIG, and we have the ability to advertise for you to a VERY LARGE audience! Over 20,000 swine only emails!

E-blasts are important because unlike social media, this form of marketing is very targeted and delivers a specific message to who ever may receive the email, without hundreds of other ads around it. Most of you have probably been there, especially in the thick of sale season, where every post to Facebook is someone trying to sell their livestock. Eventually, you probably just keep scrolling and scrolling, leading to many people missing important sale information on social media. That is the beauty of an email blast! No scrolling, just a targeted ad reaching the fingertips of everyone on our email list!

On top of all of this, social media algorithms are changing constantly! There is no guarantee that your Facebook advertisement will reach the people you want, especially without a boost. On the other hand, just about every person, in every generation, accesses their email EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. E-blasts are a great way to ensure you have marketed to every facet of your customer base, directly to their inbox.

What about a banner ad?

On your daily web search, looking into the online sales for the day, do you notice the banner ads at the top of the page? We bet you do! Whether it is advertising your upcoming sale, a new boar, or whatever it may be, BANNER ADS WORK!

The human attention span is getting smaller and smaller, with some saying now that it only lasts about 7 seconds. When people land on a page and start scrolling down, what is going to catch their attention? The flashy motion of a quick banner ad popping up at the top of the page! Banner ads are a great way to let go to work for you as well! Thousands of people access our page every single day, and we guarantee that many of these people are not your social media followers! A banner ad gives you another level of advertising, on a platform that reaches a wide variety of customers. Below are some examples of successful banner ads provided by!

At the end of the day, it will all drive back to a website!

What is the purpose of an email blast or banner ad? Well it is ultimately to make you money! But truthfully, it all drives back to the necessity of your website! Emails and banner ads are directly linked to either your online sale or your online presence. Both make your customer base take an action that will ultimately make you money! On sale day, you can drive customers to your online sale with If you are advertising a boar, a banner or email can send clients straight to purchasing semen off your online store! Or maybe you are just getting started and want people to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer? We can send a wide variety of potential new customers to your site with a well placed ad on our website or a specially tailored email!

Interested in taking your online marketing or website to the next level? Let help! Contact the team and let us help you get started!

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