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Marketing Series :: Print Advertisements

Friday, October 4, 2019

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In a world where social media reigns king, how important are print advertisements anymore? Even in today’s digital world, print advertisement is a key area of marketing that will make your marketing strategies well rounded. In the livestock world, print advertisement will never go out of style. Below are some key reasons why print ads are still relevant and some tips to think about when designing your next ad!


Print advertisements provide your clients with something in their hands, something tangible for them to look at. Printed materials, whether that be a flyer or an ad in a magazine, are physical items. We all have that stack of magazines sitting on our coffee table or in our bathroom, which equates to your print advertisement staying in the homes and under the eyes of people long after just the quick glance they may give it. Unlike a social media post that people may look at and then scroll on, never to be seen again, these forms of print media can create lasting impressions with people.


Print advertisements have long been the go to form of marketing in the livestock industry for decades. Even with the rise of social media, a print advertisement establishes your credibility among multiple generations of livestock enthusiasts. The younger generation still enjoys picking up a magazine to flip through at a show, meanwhile, those in the older generation are most likely to immediately go to the magazine to look for new and upcoming genetics and operations.

Reaches More Demographics

Like just previously stated, you don’t have a well rounded marketing plan if you aren’t including print media. Notching all of the boxes from a marketing standpoint ensure that you reach EVERYONE. Flyers at events become interactive for multiple generations, creating what we in the marketing world describe as a “call the action”. They cause people to generate interest in what you are selling or advertising, making people want to call or talk about what you have to offer.

Even more so in the livestock industry, the magazine publication has always been and will continue to be an area of advertisement that is very popular. Anytime you go to a sale or even a show, you can find a magazine to pick up. While you’re sitting in the barn, in between show days or waiting to show, need to kill some time, what do you do? You flip through the magazine to look at all the cool ads and articles in the latest issue. If you aren’t advertising your sales or winners in a popular show publication, you’re missing out on gaining the attention of everyone at major show events.

Less is More

Just like anything else, print advertisements can get cluttered and overwhelming if not designed properly. We can tend to want to overwhelm people with numbers and information when creating an advertisement, when in fact Less is More. Providing your clients or potential clients with just a little bit of information and instead focusing on creating a visually appealing ad that draws the attention of the viewer is more important. Going back to the “call for action”, you don’t want to provide people with so much information that they either one, feel overwhelmed or two, don’t see any reason to call you or inquire further past what they’ve seen on the ad. Focus on highlighting the important things, making a visually stunning ad, and causing people to want to learn more about you or your operation past what you have provided them.

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