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Foundations of Hope

Monday, August 31, 2020

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The show pig industry is comprised of a unique community of people. If you are on the outside looking in, you may not understand the passion people have for a four-legged animal, but it is so much more than what happens in the show ring. When put to the test this summer, the industry united together to become stronger than ever. The life lessons and skills the swine industry teaches people daily definitely shined and showed during this trying time in our country. The 5 reasons why the show pig industry thrived in a pandemic:

1. Resilience

Those raised in the industry understand the true meaning of resilience. Even on a normal summer, livestock kids find themselves constantly molding to the daily changes their projects present. As a result, when this year took a nosedive, show pig families found themselves persevering in and out of the barn.

2. Proactive

Show pig breeders and exhibitors are often forced to think ahead of the curve. Fortunately, this second-nature trait came in handy this summer. Whether it was being proactive in what to stock up on in the freezer for dinner or how to market their show pigs, the industry is used to being prepared for anything.

3. Patience

Patience is demonstrated every day in the barn with a show pig project, and this year was no different. Show pig enthusiasts demonstrated patience when nobody knew if they would be able to show this summer. Exhibitors still purchased pigs in the heat of the unknown and kept themselves on track even after the cancelation of high caliber shows.

4. Adaptability

Over the course of the last 5 months, a group of people usually set in their ways found a way to adapt and overcome. The industry’s progressive attitude found people selling pigs online, marketing in unique ways, and even hosting virtual pig shows. No matter the bump in the road, the show pig industry conquered it.

5. Community

Here at, we were fortunate to watch first-hand the effort it took to pull of the Ohio Youth Livestock Expo when the state fair was cancelled, but this seemingly impossible task took place in all shapes and sizes across the United States. The livestock community as a whole came together to give light to youth exhibitors and a continued goal for them to work towards during this unique summer. A sincere thank you to all show coordinators this summer for overcoming countless obstacles with exhibitors’ interests at the forefront.


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