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Beyond the Barn: American Royal

Monday, October 12, 2020

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It’s time to head to Kansas City for the American Royal! Don’t make the trip without checking out these places to see beyond the barn.

It’s spooky season. Celebrate by taking a trip to one of the many haunted houses Kansas City has to offer.

Originally selling barbeque out of a gas station, Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque is a desired stop for delicious smoked meat. There are three locations in Kansas City. They claim to have the best barbeque in Kansas City, the barbeque capital of the world. I guess you’ll have to try it to be the judge of that.

Looking to get a delicious steak while in KC? Find yourself at the Golden Ox just at the corner of the fairgrounds. The menu is jam-packed with steak and seafood options that will make your mouth water. Feeling nostalgic? Order the American Royal, a 17-ounce ribeye, dry-aged.

There’s never enough barbeque when you’re in Kansas City. Be sure to try Jack Stack Barbecue. They guarantee you will be served remarkable barbeque, with exceptional surroundings. If you are feeling adventurous—we recommend trying the lamb ribs.

If you are still looking for more KC fun. take a peek at this interactive map highlighting some of the best places to visit while in Kansas City.

Click here for the full American Royal livestock schedule

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