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A thank you note to our show family

Monday, November 9, 2020


This November, would like to recognize, show gratitude, and thank all segments of our great industry. We hope that others will also take the time to thank the ones who paved the way in the industry for them. Follow our social channels this month to read our thank you notes to the people who deserve it most!

Today’s token of gratitude goes out to our show families. You know, the people you live hundreds of miles from, but they take you under their wing at shows.

It’s hard to describe a friendship that was born in a barn, unless you have experienced it. When you were little you could be found sneaking extra snacks out of mom’s bag together, scootering around the barn, and hosing each other off in the wash rack before someone found out what you got into. Over the years you develop inside jokes, friendly competition, a passion for the industry, and an unbreakable bond. Then you grow up and your roles change but when something happens you still pick up the phone to call, no matter how many miles are still between you.

And now for the show parents, the ones that put up with you and love you like one of their own. They watched you grow up, were there for successes and failures, and have permission to punish you if you get into trouble. These people hold a special place in your heart and you theirs. Sometimes you are mistaken for their child, but it’s probably because of the excitement on their faces when you do well in the ring.

The results inside the ring will soon become obsolete, but the memories made outside the ring will last a lifetime. So, thank you to the show family that became actual family.