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A thank you note to show coordinators

Monday, November 23, 2020

Showpig News

This November, would like to recognize, show gratitude, and thank all segments of our great industry. We hope that others will also take the time to thank the ones who paved the way in the industry for them. Follow our social channels this month to read our thank you notes to the people who deserve it most!

In a year like 2020, there’s not enough thank yous in the world to say to show coordinators. Canceling and rescheduling has unfortunately been a common theme this year but show coordinators didn’t take no for an answer. In a year of uncertainty, exhibitors were able to continue to have a goal to work towards.

From national breed organizations to county jackpot shows, all show coordinators experienced a bump in the road this year. However, they are used to putting out fires—big and small.

In all of this uncertainty, a lot of hope has flourished in the livestock industry. While the year was far from normal, a lot of additional opportunities came out of 2020. The livestock community was able to turn live sales into online sales and live shows into virtual shows. While most kids spent quarantine playing more video games, kids in the livestock industry spent more time in the barn. This summer, organizations were able to host live shows. While things looked different at events with masks, social distancing, and no champion handshakes—exhibitors, parents, and spectators did what it took to help the show go on. In a time of uncertainty, our industry surpassed expectations.

So, thank you to the show coordinators out there for being resilient and never giving up hope. This year, and every year, you made it happen for the kids.