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New Faces to Watch – 5H Showpigs

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Showpig News

5H Showpigs is owned and operated by Corey Hall and is a 10- sow show pig operation consisting of Yorks and Crosses. Corey raises and sells the pigs at his home farm located in Richwood, Ohio.

Show pigs have been an important part of Corey’s life. He truly enjoys breeding and raising pigs so that he can produce good breeding stock for other families. However, setting an example for his own children has been the biggest driving force behind his business

“I want to help my kids learn work ethic. It is important for your kids to see you set a goal and then have to work for what you want,” says Corey.

In an effort to get the 5H Showpigs brand in front of the online audience, Corey thought the Debut would be a great fit for his operation. In the past, pigs have been sold privately or off the farm and with a desire to grow and reach a large audience, Corey felt this would provide greater exposure in the online arena.

The Debut is a premier consignment auction platform that showcases new consignors, breeders or operations looking for a facelift or re-introduction to the market. The next Debut auction is May 9. Look for entries from 5H Showpigs and reach out to Corey Hall with your inquiries or questions about his offering. Corey: 740-225-0540