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New Year: New Goals: Setting Yourself Up for Success:

Thursday, January 5, 2023

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It’s new year, a new year means different things to different people. It inspires some to make resolutions, break bad habits, and set goals. Some people stick to those resolutions, and some don’t. The difference between sticking to them and forgetting them is having a solid plan. You can wish and hope for success, but if you don’t create, develop, and execute a plan, odds are you are not going to stick to those resolutions. Here are four easy steps to help you CREATE, DEVELOP, and EXECUTE a plan to set yourself up for a successful year.


Step 1: CREATE

Write down you plan. Lay out the basics: How many pigs you want, what shows you want to hit throughout the year, and how many sets of pigs you need to have. What ages do those pigs need to be? Are there any breed requirements you need to meet for specific shows?

Then, write down your action steps. When do you need to be looking to buy pigs? What dates are all the shows on your list?


Step 2: THE WHY

Why set goals? What is the point of it, and do they really make a difference in what you accomplish? Here are four reasons why setting goals helps set you up for a successful year.

  1. It gives a sense of direction.
  1. It helps you see the bigger picture.
  1. Goals provide motivation.
  1. Goals give you better control of your future.

Now that you know how helpful goals are for success, it’s time to get started on our 2023 goals!



Once you have your lists of shows and numbers, now is the time to write your goals. There are three types of goals- process, performance, and outcome goals.

Process goals are specific actions or processes of performing. So, your process goals can be something like, “I want to consistently walk each of my pigs for 30 minutes each night, no matter what.”

Personal goals are goals that are based on your own performance. Your performance goal could be something like, “I want to be able to walk out of a ring knowing I gave it everything I had every single time I show.”

Then we have outcome goals. These goals are based on winning. For example, one of your target shows may be The Exposition, and your goal for that could be winning the Crossbred Gilts or placing first in your class.

Here are some quick tips for you while you think about your goals:

  • Set both short and long-term goals.
  • Set goals that motivate you.
  • Write your goals down and put them in a place you can see them every day.
  • It is acceptable to adjust your goals as necessary.
  • Recognize and celebrate yourself when you achieve a goal!


Step 4 – EXECUTE.

Now that you know what you are working towards, it’s time to develop a plan to get there. Write down the individual steps you need to take to achieve each goal you have. Once you have a developed plan, it is time to TAKE ACTION. Goals don’t achieve themselves, let’s get to work.

Put your plan to action, even small steps like taking the extra time to condition skin and hair puts you one step closer to reaching those big goals. Be accountable to yourself and to those around you. Trying to accomplish your goals can be lonely and overwhelming, lean on the people that love you. Tell the people in your corner what your goals are, and they can help keep you accountable and striving for greatness.

Lastly, take time to reflect and adjust your goals. Maybe you didn’t win the first show you had on your list. THAT’S OKAY! Instead of getting down and defeated, adjust your plan, and get back to work for the next one!

Having a solid plan helps transition your goal from a dream to a reality. We cannot wait to see all the great things you are going to accomplish this year! Remember, whatever your successes look like, we want to hear about them! Be sure to submit your wins on our website so we can feature you!