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The Inside Scoop: JD Showpigs

Thursday, April 20, 2023

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On this week’s edition of The Inside Scoop, we caught up with Jarrett Davis, owner and operator of JD Showpigs. JD gives an inside look at his operation and even shares some fun facts that you may not know! Read his interview below.

Describe your operation in terms of scope, size, breeds, etc.

We like to operate at around 50 sows, +/- 25 depending on my mood swings after a show season or farrowing season. Sometimes I can get a little aggressive loading up the cull wagon, or go the opposite direction and bring home 30 gilts after OYE. We focus on crosses, and always will- but recently have gotten pretty amped up on these spots. Also bought a Poland, York, and Duroc @ OYE. (See first half of the response to this question)


What, in your opinion, makes your operation unique?

I pride myself on 2 things- Good females and good customer service. My goal is to sell everyone that buys pigs from us, a product I truly believe in. That can not happen without a good sow behind that pig, I don’t care what boar it is out of, if momma isn’t good, chances of the pig feeding out are very slim. At JD Showpigs, we see them through until the end and try to provide every service and opportunity we can to make our customers project a success. If you need me, I am pretty good about answering my phone and problem solving.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Live like it’s the last game of the season- don’t hold anything back” – Christian Berry


Describe your ideal customer.

We just want to work with people that are dedicated to winning. Throw money, facilities, knowledge, and social status out the window. Give me a family that is dedicated to winning and willing to do what it takes to make that happen and we will be just fine.


Share a story of one pig that stands out amongst the rest of the ones you have raised.

2 part story- First pig I sold for over $1,000 was a huge milestone for me. He brought $1,250 and I thought I hung the moon. The Baber family bought that pig the first year Kelsey was old enough to show @ Tulsa. Colton ended up showing that pig and he had a heck of a run. Fast forward to this year- Kelsey showed a spot gilt from Brock/I at OYE for her Senior year- my favorite pure gilt I have ever been a part of. I picked these pigs because it meant the world to me for a kid to have a pig from me in their first as well as their last set as a family- and every single set in between. This was the first time that had happened and it made me realize I have been doing this for awhile now. These are the kinds of relationships we strive to build and the kind of friendships we hope to build through this industry. THANKS BABERS FOR A GREAT RUN!


One thing you can’t live without as a breeder.



What is one chore that you hate to do but must be done?

Words cannot describe how much I dislike picturing baby pigs.


If you could raise pigs anywhere in the world BESIDES the state you are in, where would it be and why?

Anywhere without flies!


What’s playing on your radio while working in the barn all day?

Lil Wayne, Ragweed, Ronnie Milsap, Jason Boland, or Luke Combs


A thing you can’t live without unrelated to pigs.

Three things- all blonde- all beautiful- Alli, Jadie, and Tatum Blake.


A fun fact that many people may not know about you.

I never won my county pig show as a kid…. Was not a fun fact at the time, but fortunately we have won a county fair or two since.


This or that:

Picturing or Videoing?



Crossbreds or Purebreds?

Crosses colored like Pures (ProudOkie)


Stay in a hotel or stay in a camper?



Stay home or go to a show?



Frozen semen or fresh?