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The Inside Scoop: Beaman Show Stock

Thursday, June 1, 2023

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On this week’s edition of The Inside Scoop, we caught up with Isaak Beaman, owner and operator of Beaman Show Stock. Isaak gives an inside look at his operation and even shares some fun facts that you may not know! Read his interview below.


Describe your operation in terms of scope, size, breeds, etc.

We typically stay around 100 sows year around covering all breeds except the down eared white ones. We also have 25 boars we breed with and sell semen.


What, in your opinion, makes your operation unique?

95% of the pigs we sell are out of boars that are housed here. We’ve tried keeping a breeders first mentality with the boars we add, if we don’t have a plan to utilize them in house we try to avoid having them. I think it’s allowed us to connect with other breeders on a more personal level giving more insight as to how we have intentions to use them


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

You’re never too old to learn something new. I always enjoy listening to how others do things in this industry, from breeding, to feeding, and even just raising pigs in general.


Describe your ideal customer.

I always love getting videos from customers on pigs we sold and semen customers that will give updates on success out of boars here. Most importantly though, the ideal customer doesn’t get too mad at me if it takes a week to respond every now and again. 😬😬

Share a story of one pig that stands out amongst the rest of the ones you have raised.

The Shotgun sow. She’s my baby, without a doubt the one that put our family on the map.


One thing you can’t live without as a breeder.

It’s a team effort, I think everyone involved with the farm is an intricate piece of the puzzle that makes everything work here. Especially Drew, with the in’s and out’s he’s been my go to for a handful of years making sure the wheels stay on the bus.


What is one chore that you hate to do but must be done?

Cleaning pens. Which is why I can’t live without Drew.


If you could raise pigs anywhere in the world BESIDES the state you are in, where would it be and why

Oklahoma. Something about that red dirt and 2 stepping at a local watering hole will get a guy fired up. I’ve got lots of friends In Oklahoma too, southern hospitality is a real thing


What’s playing on your radio while working in the barn all day? 
I’m a big podcast guy. Theo Von and Joe Rogan usually cover my day


A thing you can’t live without unrelated to pigs. 
My AirPods. 24/7 365 I have to have my AirPods


A fun fact that many people may not know about you.
I actually didn’t grow up in the livestock world, we spent our weekends at the racetrack racing sprint cars and didn’t become involved with the industry heavily until my teenage years


This or that: 

Picturing or Videoing? 

Crossbreds or Purebreds?
Purebreds…for now

Stay in a hotel or stay in a camper?
Camper lyfe

Stay home or go to a show? 
Shows for sure

Frozen semen or fresh?
Fresh from a convenience standpoint but we’ve lost some important boars and having that tank of frozen semen sitting there is an absolute must.