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Showpig Case Study: TKO Genetics

Thursday, January 18, 2024

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In today’s fast-changing business environment, effective marketing is not just a strategy — it is the heartbeat of a thriving business. Success comes from merely connecting with your audience, relating authentically and building and nurturing relationships.

TKO Genetics, a prominent face in the show pig industry, faced the expected challenge of optimizing their marketing strategies in efforts to increase sales revenue. This case study will dive into the collaboration of TKO Genetics and the online platform, showcasing the implementation of innovative marketing tactics that resulted in great success.



TKO Genetics stands as a genuine testament to the success achieved through the implementation of impactful marketing strategies facilitated by A show pig operation located in Elgin, Oklahoma, TKO Genetics is renowned for their dedication to producing quality livestock. Despite the excellence of the hogs, like all breeders, TKO faces a competitive market. With the aim of increasing sales revenue, there was a need to enhance their online presence and visibility to attract buyers.

The Strategy:

In 2018, TKO Genetics hosted their first online auction on — the leading online auction platform connecting show pig breeders and buyers. While utilizing, they focused heavily on implementing the marketing tactics offered, while also improving things within their control on the backside of their business, such as the quality of pictures and videos and elevating their use of well-designed., attractive and timely social media posts.

In partnership with Showpig, one of the biggest tactics used, contributing to the success and increase in sales revenue, was email blasts and text messaging.

Email blasts provide an excellent avenue for promoting and connecting with your customer base, particularly when you have an upcoming online sale and desire to inform your potential audience of an offering. While crafting an impactful message can be a daunting task, was able to assist TKO Genetics in doing so and put an already effective marketing tool to good use.

While many might question the effectiveness of email in today’s world, Showpig maintains a substantial audience of over 27,000 dedicated email subscribers specifically focused on swine-related interests with a consistent open rate of ~30%+. Because of this, TKO was able to effectively advertise their offerings to a vast and extremely engaged audience.

Similar to the email blasts, Showpig offers ShowpigTXT, a text message marketing tool that revolutionized the way TKO was able to directly and immediately reach their audience. This platform allowed them to send a simple message to a targeted audience with an overwhelming 98% open rate.


TKO Genetics’ success story exemplifies the power of the strategic marketing tactics offered by By leveraging their reach through email blasts and ShowpigTXT, TKO not only increased sales revenue but also solidified their position as a highly competitive business in the industry.

Brittany Hicks says, “ is a powerful tool in our arsenal of marketing strategies and the leading platform in driving our Online presence and sales.” Showpig appreciates TKO’s trust in our people and platform!