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2023 All-Star Camp

July 12 – 17, 2023
Iowa State University

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2019 All Stars

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Mission Statement

To provide youth across the country the opportunity to develop and grow as individuals to become the next generation of leaders within all areas of business. This will be achieved through service leadership, building connections within the swine industry, and defining their passion.


“Camp is LIFE CHANGING…coming into camp you might think you know who you are as a person and your purpose in life, but I assure you, when you leave, it will be completely different. Camp offers a wide variety of opportunities from attending a unique church service to watching the butchering process of a hog to listening to amazing speakers, to truly find who you are. Not only can you find yourself at camp, you can find some of the most kind hearted, down to earth, relatable friends that will have your back no matter what you face during camp and after. All Star Camp will truly change your views on life, not just the swine industry.”
– Riley Stull

“It’s an avenue for success in the industry but more importantly, outside of the industry. Camp teaches you how to truly find your inner passions and run with them. Then, the support systems you meet and make at camp hold you accountable and check up on you, and your goals.”
– Madison Schumacher

“All-Star was an amazing opportunity that reaches all levels of showmen to gain connections across the nation, learn about trends in the industry, and recognize the potential in yourself to accomplish great things.”
– Emily Brooke Lightner

“This is not a “pig camp”, it’s a character building, life changing experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You grow in knowledge and in confidence, and you will have a whole new perspective once you have experienced it. The place where you meet like minded people and make lasting friendships. It’s a guide to finding what your passion is and charging at that thing head on. You learn respect and you meet so many influential people. The most unique experience a stock show kid can have, and I’m so grateful I got to experience it.”
– Katie Thompson

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