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Showmen in the Field is the premier platform connecting former livestock exhibitors to impactful career opportunities. Our passion is showcasing the unique strengths of individuals with a background in agriculture, highlighting their specific understanding in animal husbandry, problem-solving skills, and hands-on experience. Whether you're looking to advance your career or discover emerging talent, Showmen in the Field bridges the gap between passionate livestock showmen and industry leaders.

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"Everything rises and falls on leadership. It is extremely important that the swine industry supports young people who have exhibited swine at any level. In that, they have an immediate connection to wanting to care for livestock and an appreciation for pork as a protein. They are and will be future leaders in the pork industry. The swine industry is hungry for the next generation that wants to serve."

- Dr. Brett Kaysen

Unlocking the Power of a Showman

Showmen possess an extraordinary competitive advantage in the career field due to their unique upbringing in animal agriculture. Growing up immersed in this environment, they master the balance of busy schedules and develop a selfless, compassionate nature, prioritizing the care of those around them. Their competitive drive, resilience in the face of failure, and experience in early mornings and late nights instill a work ethic that is second to none and a rare commodity. As natural problem-solvers who adapt to change effortlessly, showmen thrive in unpredictable conditions. Ready and up for any challenge, they are invaluable assets in any professional setting.


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