KGB Purina suggestions on holding

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KGB Purina suggestions on holding

Post by kmwolf » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:36 pm

My guilt weighs 140 lbs and my barrow weighs 140 lbs. We are 100 days out until our show. Currently what I am feeding they are gaining 1.5 lbs a day. I would like to see the guilt hit the show at 290 lbs which is 150 lbs left to gain. I would like to the barrow to go to show at 280 lbs which is 140 lbs left. Currently I my feed is 16% protein, 7% fat, in a self feeder. My breeder suggested that I feed 1 lbs of fitter 35 and 2 lbs of the regular feed for 10 days. Then switch to 7 days of 4 lbs of regular feed a day. The another 10 days of 1 lbs fitter 35 and 2 lbs of regular feed. After the last 10 days change back to regular feed at 2 lbs a day? What are your suggestions going forward?

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Re: KGB Purina suggestions on holding

Post by kgb » Fri Jan 22, 2021 8:40 pm

I apologize that I didn’t see this earlier. But, I have to confess the feeding plan you described is very confusing.

If you do the math with amount of weight each pig can gain and the number of days left it looks like this:

150 lbs / 100 days = 1.5 lb / day gain
140 lbs / 100 days = 1.4 lb / day gain

So, first things first:
1. You need to hand feed from now until show
2. Do NOT put the pigs back on a self feeder
3. Never limit water
4. Feed 2 equal meals per day (morning and evening)

The easiest way to get the pig to gain 1.5 lb per day is to feed:

(Total daily feed; divide into 2 equal meals):
Regular Showpig feed. 2 lb
High Octane Powerfill. 2 lb
High Octane Depth Charge. 8 oz

The pigs should gain 1.5 lbs/day on this diet.

To get the other pig to gain 1.4 lbs per day feed the same diet, but reduce the Showpig feed to 1.5 lb per day .
I’m wondering why the breeder told you to feed High Octane Fitter 35? You can do that if the pigs need to be leaner or cleaned up around their heads and necks.

Just replace the Powerfill with Fitter 35 and increase the Showpig feed to 2 1/4 (2.25) lb per day.
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