Moorman's, Purina, or Sunglo?????

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Re: Moorman's, Purina, or Sunglo?????

Post by dingdar » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:24 pm

I really like the honor, the main reason I switched to sunglo is because the price and availability.
My sunglo dealer can get a shipment weekly. my honor dealer, well lets just say they were not consistent in delivery feed. They would say 2 weeks, you wait 2 weeks and check in and you get the excuse the truck was delayed. wait longer and you get, oh it missed the truck, it will be here next week. So now I'm at a month and the buckets/feed I need wont do me any good anyway. if I could get a reliable source for honor, I would feed honor.

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Re: Moorman's, Purina, or Sunglo?????

Post by Sunrunner » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:33 pm

This is our first show pig! So many questions lol
My daughter's barrow is at approx 150 lbs and has been on Sunglo 18G since hitting 50lbs. He seems to be right on track with gaining with 70 days to go... is there any need to try to track down some Sunglo 18% finisher for the last 30 days? Our feed supplier can get dac products for supplements or we can hit tractor supply for Purina high octane or depth charge, would those be better to add to the 18G? He is eating 3 lbs of dry feed hand fed twice a day.

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Re: Moorman's, Purina, or Sunglo?????

Post by gobigorgohome » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:04 pm

It depends what the pig looks like. The higher the protein the more muscle he will develop. Does he need more muscling, or does he need to soften up and add cover/finish? Usually at this stage we switch to 16% as they tend to gain better as they eat more and start putting on cover/finish to soften up. You can and may need to add depth charge or something similar if he needs his middle expanded. It really depends on the pig, but I have found that almost all need something to expand that middle a little more. You may need someone knowledgeable to look at your project and give you some pointers. The breeder should help as well, even if you have to send pictures.

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Re: Moorman's, Purina, or Sunglo?????

Post by kgb » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:04 pm

Just some clarification info:

High Octane is the brand name of our show supplements (not a product name). I believe TSC stocks HO Depth Charge and HO Champion Drive. BUT, they can get all the HO supplements:

Champion Drive. muscle, doesn’t burn fat
Fitter 35. Muscle, DOES burn fat
Power Fuel. Energy (calories), TASCO, octacosanol, gamma oryzanol, and more
Heavy Weight. Very high energy
Depth Charge. Mid level fill (rib)
Ultra Full. Flank lowering and filling out
Paylean 900. Paylean - muscle, increased growth 1 oz in 6 lb feed daily = 9 grams/ton
Powerfill. Weight management tool for slowing/holding
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