more help with feed?

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more help with feed?

Post by cracklethepiglet » Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:38 am

Hi again. I need some further advice on the gilt I posted about recently...

My gilt is currently being fed (per day):
-about 4 lb. (sometimes 4.5) of Linder's 685
-1 lb. of Ultra Full
-0.5 lb. of Depth Charge
-6 oz. of Heavy Weight

Today she weighed 250 lb. Last Sunday she was 240 lb. She has therefore had an ADG of 1.6 lb this past week and for the past few weeks has had an ADG of about 1.5 lb. My weigh-in is in 15 days on July 1st. Maximum weight is 280 lb.

I am going to change her base feed to Linder's 686 Shape and Guts (has 14% protein, 8.5% fat, and 0.8% lysine). She needs more fat cover and also needs her belly dropped and bigger. She's not getting enough lysine right now and with the new base feed, she'd only be getting about 14 g of lysine (per day) if I continue feeding 4 lb. Therefore she seems to be losing freshness.

Not sure what to do and amounts to feed? Any advice? Thanks.
(btw I'm trying to upload updated pictures)
Crackle the Piglet :D

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