New- need feed advice

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New- need feed advice

Post by TEGG21 » Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:07 pm

My daughter is in her first year of 4H. I took pigs when I was in 4H but feed programs have changed so much since then. I think I have attached the link of our 3 pigs
1 - all black gilt weights 190
2 - belted gilt weighs 155 (was runt of litter)
3 - belted barrow weights 175

2&3 are litter mates
County fair is in 52 days. Looking to get them in the 250-275 range.
I think all 3 have some decent features but need help help on how to get them to their full potential.

Currently 2lb Kent primetime 1.15, 2 lb Kent Launch 1.4 and 8 oz champion drive per day
Just added the champion drive so working that up to 12 oz

Are walked every night for 20- 30 mins

Should I look at adding any other supplements?

Appreciate any and all help!! ... 480179796/ ... 480179796/ ... 480179796/ ... 480179796/ ... 480179796/ ... 480179796/

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