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Rhinishield Tx4 or Respisure one/ER bac plus

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:36 pm
by abelkrista
Our local vet carries Respisure one ER bac and I have read some previous posts that recommend respisure one ER bac plus with the fostera pcv 2 (for erysipelas, myco and circo coverage). My bottle of rhinishield Tx4 outdated soon and the combo pcv m2 I used this year will not be used again after a few bad reactions. So I am on market for new vaccine plan. I will either go with the circo/myco flex vaccines or fostera and Respisure one to cover the latter 2
My question is is the respisure ER Bac plus ok to switch out the rhinishield with without adding anything else? We are a big rural area (local fair and less than a handful of us that keep pigs after fair in a 60 to 100 mile radius). But rhinishield covered bordetello and pasteuerella also. If I drop it I wo t have coverage for this.
We use farrow sure gold pre breed for our 2 new gilts (and our sow we we will use after weaning and again at pre breed) (we only breed once yearly) but I have it stuck in my head that I need to vaccinate for myco and circo yearly too (prefarrow if I recall?) that means I need to have the myco as a single not combo vaccine for the sows added one more bottle of vaccine to outdate ...

Is the respisure ER bac enough for piglets or is rhinishield better? I realize if I use (respi I get myco covered too and it appears to provide coverage longet but lose bordetello and pasteurella).

Any thoughts?