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Breed and age!! I need some help!!!

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 4:59 pm
by Newpigshower
I need to know if a Tamworth x gos or a gos x large black pig would be a good show pig. Also would it be a good idea to buy an April pig for fall shows?

Re: Breed and age!! I need some help!!!

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 7:20 pm
by Windfall Farm
It all depends on the types of shows your doing, if your doing purebred shows and competing against other Tamworths,GOS,or Large Blacks then sure but if your competing in a market show you more then likely won't do very well with these old heritage breeds compared to the Crossbreds you'll be going against, rarely do the purebreds beat them (though i have been hearing the Spots have recently been doing pretty good as of late ,once in a while a York or a pure Duroc will surpise ya in a market show but normally its gonna be a Cross thats gonna win and not a heritage cross its gonna be something with York\Hamp\Duroc\or Berk breeding crossed in it) also your question about piglets born in April, if your shows are in mid Oct\early Nov you'll be right on schedule at 250\280 lbs ,if the shows much earlier look for March piglets, if its your first time showing swine and just want to learn and experience it that's OK too to go with these heritage crosses(my little nephew is showing for the first time this year he's 5 years old, i could have gave him two piglets that would probably finish in the top ten at the youth show in September but my brother and I decided we weren't doing that (the other breeders are gonna see these 2pigs a be like thats not what comes out of their barn!)were not spoiling him,we want him to learn how to show, teach him good sportsmanship, and possibliy turn him into a jurior showmanship and fitting champion(the best I ever did as a kid in 4-H was division champions but my proudest accomplishment was winning Grand Champion Showman over 130 other kids (the kid not the hog) before he gets something that can clean house with at the youth show on the market level, he got two Duroc \York crosses their more or less back yard bred no show style freezer hogs but he'll get experience

Re: Breed and age!! I need some help!!!

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:09 pm
by hogger39
I get a pure york/pure hamp, also know as bluebutt. They are born at the end of January and the show is late August. Have always made weight. That would come out to seven months old. i would not go with the April pigs