Help us with our challenge for end of August fair!

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Help us with our challenge for end of August fair!

Post by 4pigsinapen » Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:36 pm

My son is in FFA and the school will go and buy a group of pigs for those who don’t have their own breeders. There was a student who backed out and now, an extra barrow remains. My son already has his barrow for a fair in October but really wants to show one in August (naturally told us late). So this takes us to the extra pig. He’s 80lbs and the min is 215. Weigh in is 66 days from today. He’s a good eater. We are feeding Moormans 18%, 7lbs daily.
Question to you all...what would you recommend to include in this diet to (hopefully) produce 15lb gains a week from here on out. We thought switching to 16% high fat, moorefat and champion drive. Paylean will be added at 150lbs.

Are we aiming too high or can it be done?

Thanks in advance!

Showpig Specialist
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Re: Help us with our challenge for end of August fair!

Post by Pac » Mon Jun 24, 2019 2:52 pm

it can be done...especially with a good eater.

Be careful to not overdo it with the paylean.

HI fat and lower protein will help with growth also. The thing you have to be careful with a fat supplement is that it will actually fill the energy needs of your pig sooner and may cause him to not eat as much (so just be careful with how much you feed). Champion drive is a good idea also as it has nutrients to encourage eating. Good luck!

Also, wet feeding helps encourage consumption.

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