i have a question!

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i have a question!

Post by ilovepinkpigs » Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:30 pm

[b:ddcf184638][color=violet:ddcf184638]I'm working on my notebook for fair and i was wondering if anyone knows the definition of "Wholesale Cuts of Pork" ? any help would be great! (sites to visit etc.) thanks -xoxoxo-[/color:ddcf184638][/b:ddcf184638]

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Post by gidkid » Sun Jun 12, 2005 4:13 pm

A Wholesale cut is just what it says wholesale, these are the cuts that are sold to the market butchers. there are 5 cuts 1. shoulder butt 2. picnic shoulder 3.loin 4. Ham 5. Side (Belly)
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