Draminski #s & silent heat

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Draminski #s & silent heat

Post by abelkrista » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:57 am

Have a gilt that at 5.5 months showed signs of cycling when we took her to the local fair: swelling, vocalization, and mounting other pigs, never did get her to stand but her mom is difficult to get to stand also and we rely heavily on the draminski to get her bred.
21 days after she was mounting others no signs of heat at all. (day of mounting counted as day 1) I did not use draminski on her while at fair as I new we had 2 more full cycles before breeding to get records and fair was crazy so my bad.

I began checking her around day 18 with no changes noted but did not start using probe yet as I knew the first time would be tough even with swelling and mucous.

Day 26 swelling with mucous visually leaking-no stand, Draminski at 390 but difficult to get probe in and just under 4 inches would go (this stayed consistent rest of testing) didn't need lube due to mucous prodution.
Day 27 420 needed small amount lube specifically made for AI.
Day 28 370/400 (took twice at same time) same amount of lube needed no mucous and less swelling seemed apparent
Day 29 440 again lube
Day 30 mucous was present as straw began sticking 420 with lube
Day 31 450
32 420
today 440 still swollen but color very light pink and gone down almost completely.

She never stood, would lie down with stimulation of vulva or rubbing of sides. Ran from boar spray most days (*but not can't recall if ever didn't run as I wasn't recording this until I read the last topic that said to watch for). Was never really more vocal that I noticed. My records show that on day 25 I specifically wrote down NO swelling.

Thoughts on when she cycled? Or thoughts?

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