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JULY 25, 2018
CPS Showmanship – Adam Beck
BHT Showmanship – Lynsee Pullen
Jr. Poland – Adam Beck
Jr. Spot – Adam Beck
Jr. Chester – Lynsee Pullen
Jr. Tamworth – Adam Beck
Jr. Hereford – Lynsee Pullen
Jr. Berkshire – Lynsee Pullen
Session One Supreme Champion Gilt Drive –
Lynsee Pullen and Adam Beck

JULY 26, 2018
Open Berkshire – Jim McCoy
Open Spot – Brant Smith
Open Hereford – Brant Smith
Open Poland – Jim McCoy
Open Tamworth – Jim McCoy
Open Chester – Brant Smith

JULY 28, 2018
Jackpot Gilt Novice/Advanced Showmanship –
Garrett Sproul
HD Showmanship – Kelton Mason
YL Showmanship – Brett Beyers
Jr. Hampshire – Brett Beyers
Jr. Landrace – Kelton Mason
Jr. Duroc – Brett Beyers
Jr. Yorkshire – Kelton Mason
Session Two Supreme Champion Gilt Drive –
Brett Beyers and Kelton Mason


JULY 29, 2018
Open Youth Jackpot Gilt Show – Kelton Mason
Open Yorkshire – Chad Day
Open Duroc – Brian Hines
Open Landrace – Brian Hines
Open Crossbred Boars – Kelton Mason
Open Hampshire – Chad Day
Hour After HYDL-XB – Gilt/Boar Sale Ring Auction

AUGUST 2, 2018
Swine Skillathon Voinovich Bldg.
Barrow Showmanship
Sr./Int./Jr. Division – Kaylee Keppy and Kane Austin
Barrow Showmanship Finals – Kane Austin and Kaylee Keppy

AUGUST 3, 2018
Purebred Barrows – Brian Anderson and Travis Platt

AUGUST 4, 2018
Crossbred Jr. Barrows – Travis Platt and
Brian Anderson
Buckeye Barrow Booster Pen Sale
Ohio Youth Swine Committe Ring Auction
Championship Drive – Travis Platt and
Brian Anderson

AUGUST 5, 2018
Open Barrow – Brock Herren and Kent Bennington
Buckeye Barrow Booster Champions Sale


Session 1 Breeds-July 24-26
• Move in on Tuesday and show Wednesday (Junior) and Thursday (Open)
• Sale moves to Thursday afternoon

Session 2 Breeds-July 27-29
(Includes the Youth Jackpot Crossbred Gilt Show)
• Move in on Friday
• Show Saturday (Junior) and Sunday (Open & Gilt Show)
• Sale moves to Sunday afternoon

Session 3 Barrows(only)-July 31, August 1-5 
• Move in Tuesday/Wednesday (unchanged)
• Showmanship moved to Thursday.
• Junior Barrow Purebreds will show on Friday and Crossbreds on Saturday
• Sunday Open Show will remain unchanged

In 2018 there will be Outstanding Breeding Exhibitors (Top 10) and Outstanding Market Exhibitors (Top 30).
Thanks to the Ohio State Fair Youth Reserve and our Ohio Youth Swine Committee.

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