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840 USDA Tags

Reminder: All swine exhibited at the 2022 Ohio State Fair require 840 USDA Tags

Which types of 840 USDA Tags are accepted?

  • • EID and non-EID tags are accepted.
  • • An 840 USDA Tag from the breeder you purchased your animal from is acceptable.
  • • An 840 USDA Tag from your farm is acceptable.

Where should the tag be placed?

  • • The preferred ear is the right ear, however both ears will be accepted.
  • • It is against the law to remove an 840 USDA Tag from an animal, and an animal should only have one 840 USDA Tag.
  • • Only USDA & County Fair tags should be in the ears of your swine. All other tags MUST be removed prior to arrival.

How can I get an 840 USDA Tag?

  • • If you do not have any 840 USDA Tags, please contact your local veterinarian or contact Todd Price at North Central Veterinary Services 419-927-2568.
  • • PLEASE NOTE: A majority of the ear tag suppliers are 6 to 8 weeks out on production of ear tags. Call and purchase your tags or consult with your veterinarian ASAP.

Premise ID is required for an 840 USDA Tag

  • • You need to have a Premise ID. If you do not have a Premise ID, please contact Cindy Bodie at the Ohio Department of Agriculture to get one. You must fill out and attach the Premise Registration Form | Ohio Department of Agriculture when you email Cindy at
  • • Your Premise ID will be collected at time of entry. Please make sure that you apply in plenty of time to receive your Premise ID.

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Don’t forget! The Ohio State Fair entry deadline is JUNE 21, 2022 at 1 p.m.! The tag numbers and Premise ID are required for entry.

Visit to see the current fair book and livestock schedule.