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Katey Brattain

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Online Auction Account Manager & Advertising


Phone:  (765) 720-2769

I’ve been with since: 2006

Favorite part about my job: I LOVE absolutely everything about my job!! Love working with showpig breeders across the country, helping them market and sell their animals through our online sales platform. Love traveling to pig shows and visiting with breeders, their families, and showmen. Love being a part of an awesome livestock industry and family, and being able to give back to the industry that I grew up in and have such a passion for.

Outside of work I enjoy: I love spending time with family and friends. Cardinals baseball, Colts football, trips to South Dakota, shopping, kayaking and spending time on the water are a few of my favorite things!

Hometown: Greencastle, Indiana

My co-workers describe me as: Brilliant, Tireless, Mentor, Hardworking, Invaluable, Dedicated, Worker, Leader, Passionate, Detailed, Workaholic