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In the world of show pig breeders today, selling online and increasing the marketing efforts of your operation are critical components to success. Selling online gives an operation more visibility and access to a customer base that is almost impossible to reach otherwise. Selling online, especially to those just starting out, can be daunting. Sometimes an operation wants to learn the ropes of selling online before diving in, or they may simply just have a few pigs they want to sell and don’t want to host an online auction, so found a solution.   


Showpig created a way to remedy both of these issues by creating an online consignment auction called The Open. Consignors who take advantage of The Open also will receive complimentary advertising on the auction calendar and be included in our daily email blast. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

The Story: 

Eric Smith, owner and operator of Hog Run Showstock, is a seller who is new to selling online. He decided to sell a handful of pigs in The Open Online Consignment Auction and has since hosted multiple auctions on Showpig. With the help of Macy Kincaid, Showpig Marketing Agent Support Coordinator, Eric has been able to reach a wider customer base by selling online. We sat down with Eric to learn more about his experience. Read his interview below:   

Showpig: What made you decide to sell on The Open with Showpig? 

Eric: We decided to sell in The Open sale because we only had a handful of pigs to sell and had never sold on an online format platform. We saw it as an opportunity to gain new potential buyers for our show pig operation.

Showpig: As a first time seller, what was your experience? 

Eric: Showpig made our first online experience easy and seamless from start to finish. We had constant communication and assistance when needed. Macy was there for us to answer questions about the process and posting of our lots. Based on the service we received, we decided to continue with Showpig and host our own sale this past winter.

Showpig: Did your experience with The Open make the transition of hosting your own sale easier? How was your experience hosting your first online auction? 

Eric: Yes, The Open gave us a chance to learn before hosting our own sale on things we may change or need to do differently that works better for our operation. We had a very good experience hosting our first online auction. Showpig was there to help us every step of the way. We never felt “in over our heads” and at the end of the night couldn’t have been happier with how our experience turned out.

Showpig: What would you say to a new consignor who is considering selling in The Open for hosting their first online auction? 

Eric: Do it! The nice part about The Open or your own sale is that they have an option for you, no matter how big or small your operation is. Either way, you are opening your business up to new potential buyers you would not have had in off-the-farm sales or live sales.   


Hog Run Show Stock sold 5 pigs in The Open online consignment auction and averaged $1,000 on 5 head. In his first online sale, they sold 13 pigs for an average of $1,082 as a first-time seller. He has since had two online sales, both incredibly profitable. 

“Eric at Hog Run Showstock has been great to work with from the very beginning. It has been neat to watch Eric sell pigs successfully on our consignment platform, then venture out and host multiple online sales of his own. We are proud to call Eric part of the Showpig family and can not wait to continue doing business with him,” Macy said. 

If you are interested in selling in The Open or have any questions, please contact Macy at

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