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The Block - It's more than a show pig

Written by Jackie Lackey

In a universe bustling with noise and ceaseless clamoring for attention, crafting a personal brand that not only stands out but harmonizes deeply with your audience has become the holy grail of distinction. Amidst this whirlwind, an Instagram post from a dear friend and loyal customer of Lackey Livestock, described the brand as "MAGNETIC." This single word sparked a profound shift within me. Having spent years immersed in the field of marketing, shaping countless brands, the resonance of this term prompted me to delve deeper into this concept.  

Over the past two years, I’ve engaged in a journey and dialogue with young people and emerging ag professionals, assisting them in mastering the art of self-branding that embraces this new concept. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in discussions at the All Star Camp, where I had the opportunity to guide young minds in understanding what it truly means to be captivatingly unique and how to forge their "MAGNETIC" brands.  

Visualize your personal brand as a magnetic field where the principles of attraction and repulsion are at play. Just as magnets attract and repel based on their inherent properties, your personal brand should draw in those aligned with your values and naturally repel those who aren't. Let's delve into building a magnetic personal brand by embracing your authenticity, understanding the dynamics of attraction and repulsion, and embracing the reality that you can't please everyone – and that's absolutely okay.  

M - Magnify Your Authentic Self

At the core of a magnetic personal brand lies authenticity. Just as a magnet possesses a unique magnetic field, you too have distinct qualities, values, and experiences. Magnify these aspects in your personal brand. Showcase what makes you unique, your passions, and your principles. Don't shy away from sharing vulnerabilities – they add depth and relatability to your brand.  

A - Attract Your Tribe

Much like magnets draw objects that resonate with their polarity, your authentic self will naturally attract individuals whose values align with yours. As you unveil your genuine self, you will observe like-minded individuals gravitating towards you. Your transparency will establish real connections, shaping a community of kindred spirits who genuinely appreciate what you have to offer.  

G - Guide, Don't Conform

Magnetic fields guide objects along specific paths, and your personal brand should do the same. While magnets repel certain materials, your brand won't resonate with everyone – and that's alright. Rather than conforming to please everyone, focus on guiding those aligned with your message and values. Your authenticity will be a guiding light attracting the right people while repelling those whose values differ.  

N - Navigate Repulsion

Understanding that repulsion is a natural part of personal branding is vital. Just as magnets repel objects with opposing polarity, your authentic self may repel individuals with differing perspectives. This can resonate with young people involved in showing livestock, who often feel out of place among peers who don't share or even understand their passion. While criticism or rejection can be disheartening, remember this repulsion means your brand is working. You're carving out your space while standing steadfast in your values, ultimately attracting the right audience.  

E - Embrace Your Uniqueness

Magnetic fields are unique, much like your personal brand's strength lies in its distinctiveness. Embrace what sets you apart from the crowd. Celebrate quirks, talents, and idiosyncrasies. By showcasing your true self, you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience's minds.  

T - Transform with Time

Remember, magnetic fields evolve over time. As you grow, your brand may shift. Embrace change while staying true to your core values. Authenticity isn't about rigidity; it's about being honest with where you are currently and resonating with others.  

I - Inspire through Resonance

Just as magnetic fields inspire movement, your authentic personal brand can inspire action and change. Staying true to your values encourages your audience to do the same. Your openness becomes a source of inspiration, fostering meaningful connections and positive change.  

C - Cultivate Patience and Confidence

Building a magnetic personal brand takes time, just as magnets need time to align their atoms. Stay patient, confident, and resilient. Trust in authenticity's power to create a lasting impact.  

Just as magnets attract and repel, so does your personal brand. Embrace the idea that not everyone will resonate with your message, and that's fine. After all, just as Lackey Livestock has cultivated a loyal community of show pig enthusiasts who value our unique approach, your personal brand should also attract those who appreciate your authenticity. If everyone were the same, the world would be a very boring place. Your goal is to attract those who do resonate and create a community that values your authenticity.

Author Bio:

Jackie Lackey is The Wendt Group’s Director of Business Development. Jackie has a keen focus on innovation and customer-centricity, and her extensive experience in the agriculture industry allows her to be a catalyst for positive change. Jackie and her husband, Jason, own Lackey Livestock. They run approximately 150 show pig sows and are passionate about fostering an environment that promotes a winning mindset for young leaders.

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