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In the industry we all know and love there's a constant push to be better every day. Many of us have an internal drive to excel – to raise better livestock, become great competitors, and evolve into better individuals.

Becoming better begins with understanding ourselves. It requires recognizing our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses. Because self-evaluation is often difficult, personality tests can be a valuable tool in this journey. Regardless of the type you choose, assessments can provide insight into what you excel at and where you may need improvement.

At this year's All-Star camp, attendees had the opportunity to take personality assessments and learn about Emotional Intelligence from Dr. Jodi Sterle, a dedicated Professor at Iowa State University. Dr. Sterle is passionate about youth development and helping young minds discover their potential.  

“Surrounding yourself with people who naturally exhibit traits and strengths that you do not can be intimidating and even a little threatening.  We hope that by not only making our students more aware of themselves, but also recognizing what their colleagues bring to the table will add to their value as employees and industry leaders,” Dr. Sterle.

What Are Personality Tests, and Why Should You Take Them?

Personality tests can provide a better understanding of ourselves and the path to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Even the most self-aware individuals can have blind spots.

Some people are gifted at generating ideas, leading crowds, or problem-solving, while these very strengths may be weaknesses for others. Taking a test that lays out everything for you to read, study, and learn about yourself can make you more self-aware while you interact with friends, family, teammates, and co-workers.   

Utilizing Tests to Present Your Best Self

Showing up as your best self requires self-exploration. It is virtually impossible to show up for others every day if you do not know or show up for yourself first. Knowing who you are and your unique proficiencies enables you to consistently present your best self.  

Understanding Our Strengths

Whether you’re working solo or as part of a team, self-confidence is a big factor. It is easy to let self-doubt, negative thoughts, and anxiety of what could go wrong hinder your ability to achieve your goals. When you know your strengths, you can leverage them to transform how you go about accomplishing your goals.   

Reframing your Weaknesses

Understanding your weaknesses is equally important, but not for the reasons you might think. Instead of focusing solely on improving weaknesses, consider a different perspective. For example, if you struggle with public speaking but easily build relationships, you likely value deep, meaningful conversations, which can enhance your ability to connect with others on a profound level. We can use our weaknesses to complement our strengths.

It's also crucial to be aware of your weaknesses and to be comfortable asking for help when needed. Acknowledging your shortcomings, learning from mistakes, and utilizing the strengths of those around you can help you grow in those areas.  

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Team Members

Possibly one of the most important things personality tests can give us is the ability to know and understand our teammates. The people you will work with throughout your life will have a significant impact on the quality of your life. Teammates can make your days go by fast and you can form lifelong friendships with those people, or they could have the opposite effect. Rather than jumping to conclusions when someone isn't meeting expectations, consider that the area they're struggling with might be an area where they're naturally weaker. Instead of expecting every person on the team to be great at everything, focus on forming collaborative teams that leverage each member's strengths.

When we have the knowledge of what the people on our teams are good at and where they might struggle, we are able to form cohesive, collaborative teams. Instead of attempting to do everything yourself, you can turn to the person who excels in a particular area for guidance. When you witness a teammate struggling, instead of passing judgment, your knowledge of their strengths can inspire you to offer them grace and a helping hand.  


Understanding our core selves and being aware of our strengths and weaknesses benefits us in all areas of life. It makes us better leaders, teammates, spouses, parents, and friends. Being aware of how you can contribute and recognizing where you need assistance can strengthen relationships. Most importantly, personality tests enhance your self-understanding, helping you leverage your strengths and offer yourself grace in areas of struggle. Becoming more in tune with your identity, values, and interactions with the world is an invaluable asset.  

Personality Tests: 

Want to take a personality test for yourself? Below are links to our recommended tests. 

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