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The Block - It's more than a show pig

When it comes to showing pigs, exhibitors receive many gifts. Showing pigs is the catalyst for passion to intertwine with purpose, and the opportunity to show goes beyond competition. This experience weaves together responsibility, leadership, and character. The show barn becomes a place to create friendships, nurture a sense of community, and uncover opportunities. It's not just about exhibiting the best livestock; it's about embracing the gifts given to each exhibitor and each family that participates in exhibiting livestock. 

Below is a list of gifts that showing pigs give each exhibitor. In this season of gratitude, we are thankful for the opportunity to receive these gifts from the livestock industry.

1. Responsibility
Late nights, early mornings, and constant care for our animals teach us a vital lesson – the gift of RESPONSIBILITY beyond ourselves. Showing livestock is more than a competition; it's a commitment to something greater. 

2. Leadership
Showing livestock gives us a front-row seat to the LEADERSHIP within the industry and teaches us the skills to become leaders ourselves.

3. Character
CHARACTER is built through the day-to-day grind of being in the show barn and developed as we work toward our goals. One of the many things showing livestock gives us. 

4. Networking
The opportunities to NETWORK within the livestock industry are endless if you are willing to put yourself out there!

5. Competition
Showing livestock gives us the gift of COMPETITION. There is nothing like competing against your friends in the ring, and at the end of the day, win or lose, your friends are there to pick you up or cheer you on! 

6. Friendship
The friends we make in the show barn are second to none. They are the ones who understand the 'why' behind all the late nights, long hours, early mornings, and miles traveled because they share the same passions. Showing livestock gives us the gift of FRIENDSHIP. 

7. Community
Showing livestock gives us the gift of COMMUNITY. Undoubtedly, the livestock industry gives us the gift of community. 

8. Opportunity
Whether traveling to a new state, making connections, or meeting new people, showing livestock gives us the gift of OPPORTUNITY! 

9. Growth
GROWTH. Growth happens in the barn, whether it's getting better in the show ring or putting in more work at home. 

10. Connection
CONNECTION. With our animals, our friends, our family. Showing livestock gives us the awesome gift of sharing connections with those we love while doing what we love. 

11. Purpose
Showing livestock gives us the gift of PURPOSE. Our livestock provides a reason to get up in the mornings and care for something other than ourselves. We find purpose in what we do because we understand the importance of agriculture.

12. Passion
Showing livestock gives us PASSION. Passion for our livestock, passion for the industry, passion for our people. No matter where your passions lie, showing livestock is the vehicle that fuels the fire. 

 These benefits contribute to personal growth, education, and a strong connection to the swine industry. Participants in pig shows often develop a passion for raising and caring for pigs and can use the knowledge and skills they acquire in various aspects of their lives.


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