Buyers' Letters

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Buyers' Letters

Post by cracklethepiglet » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:26 pm


I am trying to write Buyers' Letters for my pig. I have no idea who would buy my pig - any suggestions?

Crackle the Piglet :D

Windfall Farm
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Re: Buyers' Letters

Post by Windfall Farm » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:44 pm

Crackle, most companies in your area will probably be interested send letters to banks,construction /excavating companies, anyone involved in ag (vets,feed stores,lumber mills that sell saw dust/ shavings for bedding,butcher shops) also look to family's who have or have had children in the past who were involved in 4-H or FFA who own business ,most of these companies buy at the sales and use it as a tax wright off at the end of the the year (one company may buy 15 different animals at a sale and donate them to soup kitchen ect.just for business promotion in the newspaper ), do yourself a favor in your letters tell them your name and what your showing ,the date of the sale ,but don't tell them to come and just buy your animals support the whole sale tell them what's available pork beef lambs goats whatever, and in your letter support all the kids in your program. EXAMPLE
Hi I'm Crackle I'm contacting you today to extend an invitation to our annual livestock sale their will be120, pigs 25 steers ,40 lambs ,and 25 goats available for purchase our 4-H community hopes to see you there
Thank you in advance for your support
Most buyers appreciate stuff like that and believe me even if a guy you contact doesn't buy your animal he'll remember you and there's a real good chance that while the bidding is going on he's the one bidding your price up , one last bit of advice Don't forget a THANKYOU Letter to your buyers after you sell your animals buyers remember stuff like that for next year, hope this helps good luck to you in the show and the sale

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