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Arizona National Highlights

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Bid. Buy. Show. Win.

Have your purchases found their way to the backdrop? If so, upload your photo to our winner’s submissions page. All winners will be eligible for prize drawings held throughout the year, and they will be featured on our champion’s page.


 Speaking of winners, check out these results from Arizona National!


Barrow Show | Judge: Brian Anderson

Grand Champion Barrow & Champion Crossbred (Div. II) – Alexis Hernandez

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow & Champion Yorkshire – Cierra Dickerson

Reserve Champion Crossbred Barrow (Div. II)  – Peyton  Rogers

Champion Div. I Crossbred Barrow – Kai Taipin

Res. Champion. Div. I Crossbred Barrow – Ali Stomberger

Champion Div. III Crossbred Barrow – Jessica Griffin

Res. Champion Div. III Crossbred Barrow – Shelby Weinrich

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Barrow – Jaxon Cobb

Champion Spot Barrow – Ethan Teague

Reserve Champion Spot Barrow –  Katriece Lang

Champion Poland Barrow – Noa Taipin

Reserve Champion Poland Barrow – Peyton Hill

Champion Landrace Barrow – Kyle Emery

Reserve Champion Landrace Barrow – Maddie Fugate

Champion Hereford/Tamworth Barrow – Kynna Crawford

Reserve Champion Hereford/Tamworth Barrow – Makena Clevenger

Champion Hampshire Barrow – Christopher McLaughlin

Reserve Champion Hampshire Barrow – Mikaela Loerwald

Champion Duroc Barrow – Jaden Neugebauer

Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow – Colben Dodson

Champion Chester Barrow – Phoebe Rogers

Reserve Champion Chester Barrow – Gus Mitchem

Champion Berkshire Barrow – Hallie Landry

Reserve Champion Berkshire Barrow – Katlyn Galloway

Gilt Show | Judge: Brian Anderson

Grand Champion Crossbred (Div. II) – Tristanne Rasco

Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt (Div. III) – Eleanor Boba

Champion Div. I Crossbred Gilt – Brianna Cebollero

Res. Champion Div. I Crossbred Gilt – Alia Rodgers

Res. Champion Div. II Crossbred Gilt – Mikaela Loerwald

Res. Champion Div. III Crossbred Gilt – Shelby Weinrich

Champion Div. IV Crossbred Gilt – Drew Jacobson

Res. Champion Div. IV Crossbred Gilt – Kai Taipin

Champion Div. V Crossbred Gilt – Lauren Bliss

Res. Champion Div. V Crossbred Gilt – Phoebe Sanders

Grand Champion Purebred Gilt Overall & Champion Duroc – Brianna Cebollero

Res. Grand Champion Purebred Gilt Overall & Champion Spot – Christy Awalt

Champion Yorkshire Gilt – Kekoa Taipin

Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt – Brooke Stromberger

Reserve Champion Spot Gilt – Madison Lynch

Champion Poland Gilt – Davin Brugma

Reserve Poland Gilt – Gus Mitchem

Champion Landrace Gilt – Maddie Fugate

Reserve Champion Landrace Gilt – Kyle Emery

Champion Hereford/Tamworth Gilt – Gus Mitchem

Reserve Champion Hereford/Tamworth Gilt – Peyton Hill

Champion Hampshire Gilt – Wyatt DeBusk

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt – Brianna Cebollero

Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt – Madison Lynch

Champion Chester Gilt – Madison Lloyd

Reserve Champion Chester Gilt – Hallie Landry

Champion Berkshire Gilt – Kevin Rogers

Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt – Madison Benedict

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