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Myth Busters: Uncover the truth behind buying pigs online

Thursday, October 29, 2020

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“I can’t come look at the pigs in person because it is an online sale.”


Breeders would absolutely love for you to visit the farm and view their sale offering in person. Give the breeder a call and set up a time that works for you! If you can’t travel to the farm due to distance or time constraints, definitely call the breeder before sale night get more details and ask questions about specific lots that you’re interested in to make sure the pigs fit your show needs.


“I should only buy the pigs that look ready to win today and are selling high.”


Do your research. Determine what breed, age, and size of pigs work best for your program and target show(s), and make buying decisions based on that criteria. Often times the same pig doesn’t work for everyone.


“I will figure out my delivery option after the sale, surely it will all work out.”


It is important to make plans for delivery before the clock runs out, especially if you are states away from the breeder’s farm. Third-party delivery options are an amazing option, but be sure to check with the third party hauler and breeder both to ensure you will be able to get the pig(s) before bidding.


“Once I pick up my pig, I should not contact the breeder again, I don’t want to be a bother.”


Breeders want to hear from you! Nobody knows the pig’s genetics like the breeder. This can help with a lot during the feeding process. You can also reach out to your breeder for tips on training, daily care, and much more. Use them as a resource to get the most out of your purchase.


“I don’t need a feeding regimen or vaccination protocol until a couple of weeks before the show.”


Your project starts as soon as you get your pig home. It is crucial to look at your pig daily, make changes, and continue to adjust to yield the best results. It is important to pay attention to your pig’s health. Utilize your breeder, feed sales rep, and veterinarian to ensure your pig gets the best care from the day you get it home through show day.


“As a family, we should determine our show schedule plans and set goals at the beginning of or prior to sale season.”


Begin with the end in mind. Be open with the breeders you work with about your expectations and have goals set as an exhibitor and family. What shows would you like to attend? What would you like to achieve? What would you like to focus on this year? If you start with and set your goal before the project begins, you are more likely to achieve success.